A look at needl x Wabel Online Discovery Sessions

After being through the discovery sessions, it is time to get a look back at what we achieved in April and how we connected buyers and suppliers

A child was born that day

When we decided to release a new online offer, the scope of possibilities was broad. Should we do fast paced 1-to-1 meetings like Wabel organizes usually, but online ? Or should we do Webinars of retailers with submissions like needl provides ? Hmm…

After polling dozens of current Wabel and needl clients, we identified an in-between offer that was could be the most efficient format the 2 companies had ever seen:

We would organize sessions were brands would pitch their range to buyers back to back. Each of the participating brands would then receive an automated message from the attending buyers to allow them to follow-up on needl. Connection, which is the DNA of both companies, was created.

“Fast and Efficient”

On the suppliers side, imagine being able to pitch your brand to top-class buyers with real needs in 20 minutes and potentially getting up to 10 leads in that time. Well yes, it is what we call ROI.

On the buyers side, getting the sales pitchs back to back on the categories they are covering was time-saving. And what are buyers always running after ? Time. Especially in that curious period: Buyers had the emergency to get basic products on their shelves, but at the same time, they can’t stop sourcing new products and suppliers. We found a way to deliver it

A look at the figures

  • 14 sessions were organized
  • More than 700 connections were created
  • 75% of the connections generated lead to a request of documents and catalogs
  • 100% of the suppliers wanted to be informed of the next session in their category

We can definitely say that we fulfiled our mission which is to connect people all year long through new channels.

What’s next in the new normal?

With the end of the lockdown and the current “return to new normal”, the focus is now in making sure needl is the 365days platform for suppliers and their distributors to interract.

We will keep organizing events to generate activity online ! Stay in touch and stay safe

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