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        Japan : 4 Manufacturers - filtered by countries

        Marukome was founded in 1854 by Tamiemon Aoki who was a Master Craftsman of Miso making.For over 160 years Marukome's craftsman has devoted themselves to create Excellent Quality Miso with combination of traditional fermentation techniques and cutting edge technology.Marukome's Miso is created by ...

        DOZO, the first cool, refreshing drink with Japanese artisanal tea, that you make yourself !WHAT IS DOZO?We have developed a way to consume fresh artisanal teas "ON THE GO" with a shelf-life worth of 24 months !!! Matcha tea / Japanese teas are in fact SUPERFOODs, with unique nutritional qualities....

        Discover the wildly popular N° 1 brand of Japanese Ume fruit liqueur: UmeshuUmeshu has undergone significant changes over the years, particularly in terms of the alcohol in which the ume are soaked to produce the final beverage. At first, the fruit was soaked in koshu, a type of aged sake; this ...

        Tenshindo is a Japanese leading brand OEM/ODM factory in cosmetics and supplements since 1986.  Tenshindo has launched over 1,000 lasting brands for our trusted customers.