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          The Austrian Schlumberger Wein- and Sektkellerei GmbH (SWSK) was founded in 1842 by Robert Alwin Schlumberger; the company owns the sparkling wine brands SCHLUMBERGER, GOLDECK- the Veltliner sparkling wine and the Viennese traditional brand HOCHRIEGL.  Together with other prestigious houses SWSK ...

          The winery Georgiberg lives the idea of ​​a winery that has existed for decades, already known at the time for its innovative and award-winning wines, in the respect of traditions but with the help of modern techniques in an extraordinary future.The quality of the products is far more than the ...

          Message In A Bottle"A Zip Of Fresh Air"Packaged in award winning stylish glass bottles, innovative, refreshing and effective.The fizzy look is deceptive. The bubbles are the oxygen shower and the taste is that of a still mineral water.We combine the two elements into a crystal clear unity and ...