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        Mauritius : 17 Products from 3 Manufacturers - filtered by supplier location

        Bourbon Vanilla Ltd
        Bourbon Vanilla Ltd
        Category: Pastry aids, Sugars, Honey
        Country: Mauritius

        Sweet Grocery > Sugar and Home Baking > Pastry aids

        - Vanilla Paste- Vanilla Powder

        Sweet Grocery > Sugar and Home Baking > Sugars

        - Vaya 34/cv – 75g Vanilla flavoured sugar- Vaya 31/cv – 175g Vanilla flavoured sugar

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        Floresco Ltd
        Floresco Ltd
        Category: Sweet spreads, Salty seeds, Honey
        Country: Mauritius

        Sweet Grocery > Breakfast > Sweet spreads

        Types of Products Available:1.Crunchy Peanut Butter.2.Smooth Peanut Butter 250g (PS250).3.Smooth Peanut Butter (TPL).

        Savory Grocery > Crisps, Snacks & Nuts > Salty seeds

        Types of Products Available:1.Roasted Peanuts.2.Roasted Peanuts in Shell.

        3 matching products | more from Floresco Ltd

        Wine & Spirits > Spirits > Rum

        Think toffee, caramel, juicy plums and subtle citrusy notes. This 5 years old rum aged in Cognac and Whisky Oak Barrels is rich, round, full bodied which will seduce all amateurs of Agricole rum.This rum is in limited edition and every 2 years we lauch a new Batch of XO which is selected by our ...

        Wine & Spirits > Spirits > Rum

        This premium rum captures a complex range of flavours. This elaborated recipe offers a subtle, elegant and refined rum.Also available in 50ml, 200ml, 500ml and 700ml