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    Savory Grocery, Rice, Pasta & Pulses, FDA Approved : 5 Products from 4 Manufacturers - filtered by category, category, product type

    Poggio Del Farro Srl
    Poggio Del Farro Srl
    Category: Dry pastas, Vegetable juices, Pre packed bread
    Country: Italy

    Savory Grocery > Rice, Pasta & Pulses > Dry pastas

    Our whole spelt pasta is produced in 6 DIFFERENT SHAPES just with organic spelt whole flour, Triticum dicoccum variety, and water.Bronze drawing gives it a rough surface that makes it particularly suitable to absorb sauces, while slow drying enhances its organoleptic qualities.Our farro ...

    Prime Food
    Prime Food
    Category: Rice, Herbs and spices
    Country: Pakistan

    Savory Grocery > Rice, Pasta & Pulses > Rice

    We are pleased to inform you that Prime Food is the synonyms of the best Quality foodstuff provider to allover our potential clients in the world. We own and operate state of the art, articulated, ultra-modern Rice Processing Plant of sizable capacity capable of processing all types of rice is ...