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    Golden Fresh Sdn Bhd
    Golden Fresh Sdn Bhd
    Category: Frozen fish, Frozen sea-food, Frozen Starters
    Country: Malaysia

    Frozen food > Frozen Fish & seafood > Frozen fish

    Fish Products :-Using only prime sustainable fish, our products include- Breaded, tempura, crumb varieties and special batters- For frying and baking fillets in sauce and toppings for baking and microwaving- Special cuts such as goujons, cocktails, bites, medallions and fish en crouteModena Sole ...

    Frozen food > Frozen Fish & seafood > Frozen sea-food

    Our succulent prawns are prepared in many ways, such as- Marinated in sauce for baking and microwaving- Tempura and special batters- Unique crumbs and coatings for frying and bakingPrawn Twister Lychee & Prawn Rolls Marinated Prawns Salt & Vinegar Prawns Buffet Style Prawns Chilli Mango Prawns ...

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