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    San Arawa
    San Arawa
    Category: Frozen sea-food
    Country: Argentina

    Frozen food > Frozen Fish & seafood > Frozen sea-food

    We never use additives or preservatives, so that San Arawa fish is pure and fresh, full of natural properties.Frozen fillet block is skinned, boneless and compressed. It is used as a raw material for fish sticks, fish portions and other breaded and unbreaded products.High-quality block is produced ...

    Frozen food > Frozen Fish & seafood > Frozen sea-food

    San Arawa's surimi is made from hoki or Southern blue whiting, which is washed and pressed to obtain a concentrated fish paste. This paste is frozen, and the client unfreezes it to turn it into simulated seafood such as king crab, scallops, shrimp and lobster.The quality of surimi varies according ...

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