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        Hsb Cosmetics
        Hsb Cosmetics
        Category: Facial care products, Body care products, Hairstyling aids, Hair colourants, Other skin / body care products
        Country: Monaco

        Personal care > Skincare > Facial care products

        Facial Care Products 1.Cleansing Milk2.Cleansing water and lotion3.Face cleansing gel4.Exfoliating gel5.Lotions and tonics5.Flowers water6.Facial wash and care for young skins

        Personal care > Skincare > Body care products

        Body Care Products1.Body milk hydrating / nourishing2.Body oils3.Hand & nail cream, foot cream4.Oil for nail

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        Category: Fresh packaged rte, Packaged sandwiches, Fresh packaged starters
        Country: Monaco

        Chilled and fresh food > Fresh Ready Meals > Fresh packaged rte

        Mexican Bio Steak 100% BIO et Végétal

        Chilled and fresh food > Sandwiches & wraps > Packaged sandwiches

        Croque Monsieur 100% BIO & Vegetal

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        Dental care products
        Dental care products
        Category: Parapharmaceutical products, Dental accessories / fixatives / mouthwash
        Country: Monaco

        Personal care > Medical devices > Parapharmaceutical products

        PerioTabs helps reduce gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-mucositis and peri-implantitis through elimination of oral biofilm accumulation on gums, teeth and dental implants. The formulation of PerioTabs is based on the NitrAdine® anti-biofilm formula and is intended for use in the oral cavity on gums...

        Personal care > Oral care > Dental accessories / fixatives / mouthwash

         First worldwide healthy denture adhesive creamUp to 24 hours strong hold for upper dentures and exceptional hold for lower denturesAll Petrochemicals are completely replaced by Organic Olive OilZinc-free formulatedComfortable hold with extra smooth feelingThe first denture adhesive cream which ...

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        Category: Carbonated fruit based /flavoured, Energy drinks, Sweeteners and sugar surrogates, Cereal bars, Vitamins & complement health, Oils, Canned coconut milk and cream, Flour, Exotic food
        Country: Monaco

        Drinks > Carbonated soft drinks > Carbonated fruit based /flavoured

        Bio Energy food has developed the Carbomix drink, a mixture of carbohydrates (maltodextrin, agave syrup and corn glucose) that the body absorbs and metabolises at different rates to ensure a constant supply of energy throughout physical activity.In this formula, we have added pink Himalayan salt, ...

        Drinks > Soft drinks > Energy drinks

        To be efficient during the effort, it is necessary to regularly replenish your energy reserves. Bio Energy food has developed Carbomix, a mixture of carbohydrates (maltodextrin, agave syrup and corn glucose) that the body absorbs and metabolizes at different rates to ensure a constant energy intake...

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