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    Ditta Bortolo Nardini
    Ditta Bortolo Nardini
    Category: Fruit brandy, Bitter / americano, Liquors
    Country: Italy

    Wine & Spirits > Short drinks > Bitter / americano

    Mezzo&Mezzo® Nardini 22% by vol.  “One of a kind, and perfect for any occasion”  The product Smooth, bittersweet and herbal. Mezzoemezzo® is a blend of Rosso Nardini and Rabarbaro Nardini, for a simple but refined apéritif. Pleasantly bitter with its woodsy notes and hints of rhubarb, ...

    Wine & Spirits > Short drinks > Bitter / americano

    Nardini Bitter24% by vol.“The secret ingredient for creating a flavourful moment”  The productClean, citrusy, pleasantly bitter. Orange, gentian root and Roman absinthe are skillfully blended to create a liqueur with pleasantly bitter herbal notes. Its bright red color ignites a passion for ...

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