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      Argus Fruits Goola Acai
      Argus Fruits Goola Acai
      Category: Sorbet, Ready to cook desserts, Frozen Purees
      Country: Brazil

      Frozen food > Frozen Fruits & vegetables > Frozen Purees

      Fruit pulps are a non-fermented, undiluted product obtained from the edible part of fruits, using a suitable technological process with a minimum total solids content.It's obtained from the selection of fresh, healthy, mature fruit, given their specifications, devoid of impurities coming from soil...

      Frozen food > Frozen Fruits & vegetables > Frozen Purees

      It is the product extracted from the edible part of açaí berry, belonging to the specie Euterpe Oleracea, with addition of water and subsequent filtration. The acai pulp is extracted from the berries following strict quality criterias to avoid any interference with the taste and quality of the ...