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  • Frozen food
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      Frozen food, Luxembourg : 25 Products from 2 Manufacturers - filtered by category, supplier location

      Tavola S.A.
      Tavola S.A.
      Category: To be shared ice creams, Frozen desserts, Fresh pies and tarts
      Country: Luxembourg

      Frozen food > Ice cream > To be shared ice creams

      Bulk ice creams, sorbets.

      Frozen food > Frozen Desserts > Frozen desserts

      Fruit & berries and fruit salads

      Category: Frozen Bread, Frozen Pastries
      Country: Luxembourg

      Frozen food > Frozen Bakery > Frozen Bread

      Dark flatbread with wheat, rye, oat, sesame, linseed andsunflower kernels.Very opened structure, thin crust To be grilled or few minutes in the oven Prebaked, deep-frozen.

      Frozen food > Frozen Bakery > Frozen Pastries

      Butter croissant.Ready baked, deep-frozen.

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