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  • Frozen food
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        Fazer Bakery
        Fazer Bakery
        Category: Frozen Cakes and Pies, Frozen Bread
        Country: Finland

        Frozen food > Frozen Bakery > Frozen Cakes and Pies

        Traditional Swedish -style sweet bun with soft, delicious cinnamon taste.260 g and c 12 pieces in one consumer bag. Keeps frozen 270 days and 60 days after thawing. Is suitable for food service purposes as well.

        Frozen food > Frozen Bakery > Frozen Bread

        Arctic thins square 30 g(11cm, 30 pieces x 5 bags)Fazer’s Arctic thin bread is baked with long-held Norrland´s traditions and tastes in mind as well as catering to today’s fast-paced palates. Soft and nicely fluffy wheat bread. Makes wonderful triangle shaped sandwiches, contemporary shaped ...

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