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        Category: Frozen Pastries, Frozen Cakes and Pies, Frozen Starters, To be shared frozen desserts
        Country: Greece

        Frozen food > Frozen Bakery > Frozen Pastries

        We made this buttery, eggy cheese pie that is a beloved specialty in the mountain villages of Epirus, in northwestern Greece, in order to spread the unknown traditional original recipes all over the world. This pie is similarly beautiful in its simplicity and it is perfect for a picnic or a snack ...

        Frozen food > Frozen Bakery > Frozen Pastries

        Traditional filo pastry pie kneaded with extra virgin olive oil, filled with fresh leeks and Greek feta P.D.O.Like many Greek filo pies, this is a truly vegetarian recipe that is not as well known as Greek spanakopita (spinach pie) but it tastes just as good- if not better! Sumptuous savory pie with...

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