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  • Frozen food
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        Frozen food, Australia, Core : 15 Products from 2 Manufacturers - filtered by category, supplier location, price positioning

        Swift & Company Trade Group
        Swift & Company Trade Group
        Category: Elaborated poultry-based products, Packaged deli products
        Country: Australia

        Frozen food > Frozen Meat > Elaborated poultry-based products

        Whole ChickenWhole Chicken Leg

        Chen Foods
        Chen Foods
        Category: Frozen Finger Food, Frozen Starters, Added value Seafood, Frozen Soups
        Country: Australia

        Frozen food > Frozen Starter > Frozen Finger Food

        Plump, juicy shrimp pieces. Silky soft pastry. Dumplings to die for. Prepare for love at first bite with these exceptionally authentic dumplings. Individually hand made from a family recipe that’s been passed down to me through generations, they demand nothing less than the highest quality shrimp...

        Frozen food > Frozen Starter > Frozen Starters

        Zesty Ginger. Succulent prawns. Chinese wonton pastry perfection. A hint of fragrant ginger is the not-so-secret ingredient that takes these dumplings into a league of their own. Originally made famous in our Steam Selection pack, due to overwhelming demand they now get the attention they deserve ...

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