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      Nghe An Foods Jsc
      Nghe An Foods Jsc
      Category: Frozen desserts, Frozen vegetables, Dry vegetables, Frozen Purees
      Country: Vietnam

      Frozen food > Frozen Fruits & vegetables > Frozen vegetables

      Types of Product:1. IQF Sweet Potato2. IQF Potato3. IQF Sliced Bamboo Shoot

      Frozen food > Frozen Fruits & vegetables > Frozen Purees

      This product is prepared from juice of Passiflora edulis. The concentrated juice is obtained from mature and sound fruit by mechanical processes and is treated by physical means (evaporation).Brix: 50+/-1Acidity at pH 8.1: 9 – 15pH: 2.5 – 3.20Pulp (at Brix 13): 14.0 -30.0 ...