needl My Wabel update

Today is a great day:

  • The weather is better than it’s been in a few days and better than it will be in a few days
  • The restaurants and bars reopening were exactly 1 week ago? That’s a real birthday to celebrate
  • And oh… we’re releasing our first needl update to host white-labeled summits, how great is that?

So what about those white-labeled summits? What does it mean for you and your clients?

A Wabel branded interface to prepare their participation

Your clients now have access to an interface that we call “My Wabel” where they can:

  • See all their summit participations
  • See information about their needl profile and a few tips to get it more complete
  • Access their badge for the summit
  • Edit who is participating in the summit in their company
  • Access documents that our event team or our customer success managers can add whenever they feel necessary

What we’ll add here

As you can see in my previous screenshot ☝️, several sections are not open to the public yet. Indeed, this “My Wabel” interface will serve the purpose of being the main “hub” where your clients manage their summit participation. It will be used to:

  • Host Online meetings in September
  • Replace the old-school mobile website during the physical summits
  • Host the catalogs of the participants that you guys share to your clients
  • Find links to the selection tool.
  • Check their meetings calendar
  • Interact during the summits through messaging

New activity monitoring on needl

During those last two weeks, we’ve also a few good tweaks for your clients to gain more visibility and understand more what’s happening on their needl profile

  • Companies can now add social media links on the needl profile
  • Companies can now see how many times buyers have clicked on their website/social media links
  • Companies can now see how many times their product or company has been put in favorites

Our plan in the close future is to empower users to identify and seize opportunities. If a buyer has visited their profile, they should now it and be able to engage a conversation based on it.

In the meantime, stay sharp ✌️