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Wabel Online Platform becomes needl

Important: Your Wabel credentials will still work to login to needl.

After months of preparation, we are proud to announce that Wabel Online Platform now becomes its own brand: needl.

The world is undergoing a faster-than-expected transition in 2020. Travel restrictions have risen here and there and consumers want to purchase differently. We believe that brands and distributors will need to adapt to this new environment by selling and sourcing differently, and we believe that needl can be of help.

Distance and time can be bent online

Indeed, the lockdown has drastically changed our vision of distances and travel: Intra europe business travel was common and usual before the crisis. Our FMCG industry has always been strongly relying on physical presence and contact: It’s obvious, when you sell food, you want to be able to make people taste it, when you sell hydrating cream, the feeling of the cream on the skin makes the difference: Your unique selling propositions are not just claims, it is experience: the product is not just a list of features.

However, people start realizing that it is now time to act differently because, first, they technically can’t move as much as they have done in the past, but also that it is time to meet physically only when need be, and that this “need be” can come later in the process .

This is where digital now rises as the first way to source and find new partners efficiently. Why would you travel the world for leads if you can find new business opportunities online and then meet physically when it matters more ?

That’s how needl is born

Needl will serve several different purposes:

  • Being the most complete FMCG reference platform
  • Being the hub where distributors present weekly their needs to the FMCG community and where suppliers submit their brands when they feel that they can supply
  • Being a digital support for events wishing to add a mature matchmaking technology to their physical and digital events

In the past few weeks, we have worked hard to improve the overall experience on our search engine (See details) as well as our message system.

We strongly believe that there is no “wrong” supplier and no “wrong” distributor. It’s all about matching the right actors together, and that’s where we come into the scene.

Activity is the key

Many relational marketplaces take the path of user generated content only. Users will generate more and more content that will itself generate buyers activity. The main criticism regarding those online platforms is as follows:

  • It’s time-consuming because you need to have an up-to-date profile all the time, have more products, etc..
  • Suppliers have to send hundreds of invitations and most of them stay silent.
  • Buyers have to invest so much time into searching and filtering that they are very disappointed when they can’t find a product of that someone is not answering.

However, the asset of needl and Wabel is the relationship we have built with distributors and suppliers all over the years, and we need to leverage it to generate activity that will benefit both parts. That is why we have decided to organize weekly sessions with our users to encourage them to share their needs and request submissions

What about Wabel ?

Wabel will keep its activity of event organizer, offline and online and will tightly work with needl to generate activity on the platform. You can still check Wabel’s website to see the list of events they are organizing and the services they are proposing.

The coming weeks are going to be very intense and exciting. We will keep posting the new features that we are adding to the platform.

Do not hesitate to give us feedback about your experience on the platform