Your Needl Profile for Lagardère Travel Retail Partners Forum

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The Lagardère Travel Retail Global Purchasing Seminar will be hosted by Needl, the global sourcing platform, on November 18th.

To prepare, participate and then follow-up this seminar, you will have access to 2 platforms:
The Needl platform

Mainly used before to prepare the seminar, and after, to follow-up:

The Needl x Lagardère platform

Mainly used during the seminar:

How to prepare the seminar in 3 steps


Set up your Lagardère Travel Retail Event dashboard

Click on the link in the mail you received to access to your Lagardère Retail Event dashboard.

In this dashboard, you see your profile advancement and you are able to update it.


Complete your Needl profile

As the Lagardère Travel Retail Global Purchasing Seminar will use your Needl information, you are requested to fill the following parts of your Needl profile:


Depending on the category of the goods you are manufacturing, the method to add your products differs: 

You are a FMCG Manufacturer

FMCG products can easily be added on Needl by using the products lists.
If you are producing FMGC products, it’s much better to add as much products as you can
by clicking the button “Add a product”.

You are a non-FMCG Manufacturer

Non-FMCG products categories (electronics for exemple) are not covered by Needl yet.
You are then encouraged to add products catalog in PDF format in the marketing assets section of your company profile.

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Don't forget you can use Needl all year long to showcase your profile and products to buyers. Plus, if you participate to other events powered by Needl, your profile will already be ready!


Access to the event portal

In the Event portal you accessed on Step 1, you will find an access to Global Purchasing Seminar which confirms that your participation is ongoing.

You enter the summit by clicking on the button ” Join Summit”.

How online events work?

Watch our explication video now!

During the event, you will be able to easily follow your schedule and join your Online meetings. 

You will receive SMS and email before your meetings.

Make sure to try the technology first with the link on the event portal provided for that purpose!

Managing participants

You can manage yourself the participants from your company attending the event until the first day of the seminar.

To do so, go to the “Participants details” section.


Setting your mobile phone number

Needl send SMS notifications before your meetings and conferences to make sure you are not late, or if you have changes in your agenda.

Make sure to setup your mobile phone number in the participant details to receive them.