H.COS is looking for new brands!

H.COS (a major beauty importer based in Tunisia) is looking for new brand products such as shampoo, shower gel, skin care and make up. 

In collaboration with the Needl B2B sourcing platform, H.COS will be meeting 1-on-1 with interested brands on March 9.

Please fill out the info below to ensure you’re included in the sourcing process.

“Since Covid-19, all buyers have begun using online platforms to connect with and discover new suppliers. As a result, an increasing number of buying offices worldwide are using Needl to source products all year round, exploring innovations and suppliers in new areas, while taking into account price and product availability constraints in today’s supply chain landscape.”

Pierre Asseo
Founder & CEO at Wabel

Needl is the leading European B2B sourcing platform, developed by Wabel, and the go-to reference for FMCG buyers and suppliers. It connects you with key purchasing groups worldwide and accelerates your exports.